~Love, Hug and Kisses~

Chapter 2: Start of the new story

After UKISS’ rehearsal, they will go to Eliz as Kevin promised [actually Eli]…
Finally they’re in Eliz’ place which is in the clinic.
*Opens the Door*
They saw Eliz is sleeping… A light feeling were felt by them, as if there’s an angel’s presence inside the room, they tried to be quiet to avoid waking her up, they wanted to watch her angelic face; sleeping; but suddenly, Eliz’ opened her eyes slowly and tried to look who’s there, and as she open her eyes, she was shocked, 7 cute guys surrounding her is watching her, then she began to talk..

Eliz: What are you guys doing here? When did you get here? Did you knock???? [freaking out]
Alexander: Oh, calm down Eliz, we didn’t want to freak you out… [with a gentle voice and smile]
Ki Bum: We didn’t want to disturb ya’. [worried but then gives a smile]
Dong Ho: We’re just here to see you, because we heard that Kevin hyung did something to you.. [smiles]
Kevin: Dong Ho, I didn’t do anything to her. Clear?
Dong Ho: Ok. You said so..
Kevin: Why? You don’t believe me?
Dong Ho: Did I say something hyung?
Soo Hyun: Stop it, both of you!
Kevin and Dong Ho: *glares at each other then turns their heads away* Tsk~
Eli: So, How was your Rest?
Eliz: *nervous* ummmm….
Eli: Oh, It seems you’re still not feeling well…
Eliz: No! I’m absolutely FINE. *faked a smile*
Eli: *smiles* Ok~
Ki Seop: By the way, My Name is Ki Seop, Lee Ki Seop. Nice to meet you. *blushing*
Soo Hyun: Oh, right. My Name is Shin Soo Hyun *smiles*
Alexander: My Name is Alexander Lee Eusebio. *smiles*
Dong Ho: My name is Shin Dong Ho. *smiles*
Ki Bum: My name is Kim Ki Bum. Nice meeting you. ^_^
Eli: To be Formal, My name is Ellison Kim Kyoung Jae, Nice meeting you, AGAIN. *laughs*
Kevin: =.= Whatever Guys, She knew all of you…
Alexander: We know, but we want to be formal by introducing ourselves… To show some respect to her.
Kevin: Okay.
Eliz: Aren’t I disturbing you guys? I know all of you are busy with your schedules… Thank You for showing your concern. ^^
Eli: Nope. It’s our free time, and we really wanted to see you.. 🙂
Eliz: *blush* ummm, really?
Eli: Yes! We would like to check if you’re already fine. 🙂
Eliz: Well, I’m fine already, maybe I can leave now, I need to go because I will apply here.
Eli: Oh, you’ll work here? Great! 😀 What Job??
Eliz: Writer I guess, I can also be an Editor. 🙂
Eli: Well, Good Luck! For sure you’ll get the job, but are you sure you’re fine already?
Eliz: *nods* Yes.
Eli: Okay, we’ll escort you to the office where you will apply.
Alexander: Yeah, we would like to escort you there. 🙂
Eliz: Really? Maybe the other members doesn’t like to go.. It’s alright, I can walk by myself, go get some rest guys 🙂
*then she tried to stand up but she failed to stand erectly, so Eli caught him*
Eli: Wooaahh, You sure you’re fine? You can’t even stand by yourself..
Other Members: We would like to escort you..
Eliz: Really? Thank You Everyone, sorry for causing you all so much trouble.
Kiseop: No, it’s alright, we’re glad to help you out. 🙂
Kibum: and It’s really fun to help a very beautiful girl like you. 😉
Alexander: Woooaahh, Kibum, watch it.
Kibum: Sorry~ 😛
Dongho: So, aren’t we going??
Eli: Well, Let’s Go. 🙂
Eliz: Thank You Everyone. 🙂

*While walking*

`Eliz tripped, so everyone worried…

Soohyun: WOAH! Are you alright??
Alexander: are you hurt?
Dongho: YAH! Don’t force yourself..
Eliz: No, I’m fine. 🙂
Eli: No you’re not. Let me carry you on my back. *Showed his back and tells her to ride on his back*
but suddenly, Kevin offered to give her a ride on his back without saying a thing but just trying to tell her through his actions to ride on his back..

Eliz: Oh~ Thank you Eli, but maybe I’ll ride on Kevin’s back.. *blushing*
Eli: Okay.. *felt a little bit sad*

*Kevin smiled a bit..*

[to be continued]

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Kevin’s Promised Selca~ ♥

지금 KBS에서 뮤뱅 준비 중~ ^^ 0330 많이 사랑해쥬세요! ㅋㅋ 역시 밥 먹으니까 행복하다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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Eli : uh oh~~~~

uh oh~~~~

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UKISS Performance Today! ♥

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~Love, Hug and Kisses~

Main Characters:
Eliz Ang
Kevin Woo
Eli Kim
Dong Ho Shin
Ki Bum Kim
Alexander Lee Eusebio
Ki Seop Lee
Soo Hyun Shin
Yeo Hoon Min
Kim Jae Seop

Plot: A Girl named Eliz an average girl who’s an orphan and lives alone, dreaming to become a writer for NH Media company, but as she’s about to enter NH Media Company, she encounters a guy named Kevin in the elevator, showing Kevin’s interest to her makes her uncomfortable, but Kevin’s friends are there to help her to feel comfortable, but the thing is, she doesn’t know that all of Kevin’s friends are having a very special feelings for her. Kevin’s friends are not as showy as him. Using their own charm, are they able to get Eliz’ attention all the way? Will Eliz be able to work freely as she wants? Will she be a Super star? Rumored Girlfriend of a Popular Boy band? Will Kevin win Eliz’ Heart over the other guys as much as handsome and kind as him? A very interesting story to read and to watch out, you’ll know all the answers as you watch out for every chapter of this Story!

Chapter 1- Elevator Encounter

One day a girl named Eliz is about to enter NH Media’s building. She used the Elevator, and a Handsome guy entered the elevator too, Only two of them are there. But the Elevator stopped because of a power failure. Eliz begun to panic then the Handsome guy said:

Handsome guy: Don’t panic, everything will be alright..
Eliz: What are you talking about? We’re trapped here!
Handsome guy: Just follow what I’m saying, if you panic, there’s nothing will happen.
Eliz: [shuts up and calmly said] Yes…
Handsome Guy: [smiles] By the way, what’s your name?
Eliz: You should introduce yourself first before asking other’s name…
Handsome Guy: Oh, right, sorry… My name is Kevin, Kevin Woo.
Eliz: Say what? Kevin Woo? That means you’re the guy from U…U…
Kevin: UKISS…
Eliz: Yeah! UKISS…
Kevin: By the way, I already told my name, so what’s your name?
Eliz: My name is Eliz, Eliz Ang. Nice to meet you.
Kevin: Nice to meet you too.. [smiles]
*shakes hand*
Kevin felt something different about Eliz hands… his heart beat beats faster than before..
Kevin: So where will you go by the way?
Eliz: 7th floor…
Kevin: Ah, I’m going to 7th floor too… what a coincidence…
Eliz: haha, coincidence? I don’t believe in coincidences , there’s no such thing as coincidence, it’s just inevitability, destiny and fate…
Kevin: Oh, you’re sure interesting huh…
Eliz: Really? Thanks.. [smiles]
Kevin: So what are you trying to say? we’re destined to meet in a place like this? [Grins]
Eliz: [blush] No! Not that, I mean that…
Kevin: Ok.. [smirks]
Eliz: What’s funny???
Kevin: Nothing, it’s just because I’m interested to girls like you. [smiles]
Eliz: [blush]
then Kevin pushed her against the wall and locked her between his arms touching the wall, and he looked to Eliz’ eyes, and his face is getting closer and closer to Eliz’ face, and their lips is about to touch but suddenly, the Power is back on its normal state… Eliz really got so nervous that she fell to her knees… while Kevin is laughing about Eliz’ reaction…
Kevin: Haha! You fell for that?
Eliz: …
Kevin: Hey, are you alright?
Eliz: …
Kevin: [worried] hey! Eliz, are you alright?
Then suddenly Eliz fainted..
When the time Eliz gains consciousness and start to open her eyes she said…
Eliz: Where am I?
Kevin: I brought you here in NH Media’s clinic…
Eliz: Why???
Kevin: You fainted a while ago..
Eliz: [Suddenly gains lots of energy to stand] Yeah that’s right! It’s because of what you did!
Kevin: What? What are you saying???
Eliz: If you only.. If you only…
Suddenly a guy entered the room…
Guy: If you Only what???
Eliz then looks who’s the person who talked…
Then she was shocked!
Eliz: E…E…ELI KIM!!! O.O
Eli: Yes, that’s my name! [smiles]
Suddenly she shutted her mouth up and seated properly…
Eliz: [blushing] what.. what are you doing here… Eli?
Eli: Ahhh,, just picking Kevin up, he’s late for our rehearsal… but then he called me and tell that he’s in the clinic… so I rushed here because I thought something happened to him… [smiles]
Kevin: As if something will happen to me, I can handle myself alright? I’m a man.
Eli: OK.. you said so…
Eli: Eliz, sorry if I’ll pick Kevin up right now… sorry for causing you trouble, we’ll be right back here later, so don’t go okay? we want you to meet the other members as well… [smiles]
Eliz: O…Ok… Thank You Eli.. [blushing]
Kevin: Hey! Eli, stop that cutie talk! We should be going right now right?
Eli: Uhhh , yes, I’m just checking her condition…
Kevin: then she’s fine, let’s go… [Kevin feels some kind of jealousy]
Then Eli and Kevin ran out off her room…
Back to Eliz, she’s there seating alone, blushing, thinking of Eli…
Eliz: *whispers* Eli…
While Kevin and Eli is going to their rehearsal studio, Eli asked Kevin…
Eli: What did you do to her???
Kevin: Nothing…
Eli: Don’t fool around Kevin… But she’s cute don’t ya’ think?
Kevin: Huh? Do you like that girl???
Eli: No! I thought because she’s cute that’s why you did something to her… [grins]
Kevin: No way! I won’t do such things as what you’re thinking Eli, you’re so dirty minded… tsk.
Eli: Hey! I’m not dirty minded, I’m just curious… [laughs]
Kevin: Well, there’s nothing to be curious about…
Eli: OK [Actually Eli thinks about Eliz since the moment he saw her]

Finally, Eli and Kevin reached the Rehearsal Studio, There, the other members are waiting for them…
Eli: Hey Guys! Here’s Kevin the Girl Flirter… [GRINS]
Kevin: SHUT UP Eli! Don’t say such disgusting things…
Eli: OK…
Ki Bum: What did you do Kevin???
Kevin: Nothing.
Alexander: I know you’re lying Kevin, I can see all through your actions…
Eli: That’s right Xander hyung, because… [Kevin interrupts]
Kevin: Alexander Hyung, I didn’t do anything, it’s just because I met a girl a while ago in the elevator…
Alexander: then???
Kevin: …
Ki Seop then interrupts…
Ki Seop: You pushed her against the wall, locked her into your arms, looked into her eyes, and as if you’re about to kiss her?
Kevin: [shocked] How did you know that?!!!
Ki Seop: It’s just a guess… Does that mean, you really did it…
Soo Hyun then Interrupts…
Soo Hyun: Looks like Kevin is growing more manlier huh?
Kevin: What are you trying to say Soo Hyun hyung?
Soo Hyun: Nothing [grins]
Alexander: Does that mean you sexually harassed her??
Dong Ho: Kevin Hyung, I never thought of you that you’ll do such things…
Kevin: NO!!! it’s just a joke… I didn’t want to kiss that girl..besides I didn’t harassed her! eww..
Eli: Really? Why are you acting so strange then? Besides ELIZ is a cute girl… and I know she’s the type of girl you like…
and everyone was like, ELIZ?! Who’s that?! We want to see her!!
Eli: Don’t worry guys! I already told her not to go, coz’ Kevin will Introduce us to Her… [grins]
Kevin: Say What??!!! I won’t do that stupid thing…
Eli: O common, we, I mean you already promised her right?
Kevin: I never promised, You’re the one!!!
Eli: HAHA! Whatever you say, We’ll meet Eliz later…
Kevin: *sighs*

(to be continued)

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The ‘K’ Brothers Kevin and Ki Seop~ ♥

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“The relationships between our members are very good. Even during broadcasting, we’re very comfortable and frank with each other, and maybe that’s what make us appeal to the public. The friendly feeling, that’s what U-KISS is.” – Ki Bum

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